I am excited to announce that last month we completed the purchase of our second Lube and Latte location at 5600 South Windermere Street in Littleton, Colorado, which we expect to open in the Spring of 2022, when renovations are completed.   The location, just a stone's throw from downtown Littleton, is a two-bay shop bordered by a fantastic neighborhood.  We will bring all the offerings of our Lakewood shop to the new location and, good news, have more room for customers to park!  

This is coming on the coattails of opening our second Automotive Evolution storefront at 4680 North Pecos in Denver on November 1st.  With this huge shop comes that opportunity to serve our customers more quickly and efficiently.   In 2007, when we opened the original Lube and Latte in Lakewood, we had no idea that we would still be doing this and growing to four shops nearly 15 years later.  But we've never been more excited and proud of our staff and customers.  Though it sounds clichéd, this could not be more true.  We've loved building our Lakewood location and, though I'm not there as often as I was, when I do stop in I am always excited to see some of the same faces I've come to know since 2007 still walking through the door.  If you're reading this and you're one of those customers: thank you, thank you, thank you!

I still remember that day in May so long ago and having friends and family come in to help fill our planters with shrubs, grasses and other perennials, followed by me making cups of coffee amid the last vestiges of sawdust in the café.  I was so much more naive back then, not really having a good grasp of the industry - compared to now - when I have NO grasp of industry!  I'm kidding of course! things are changing so rapidly it can't help but be an exciting time.

We will look forward to bringing you more news of our progress as this transpires.  If you happen to know someone in the permit department in Littleton, feel free tell them that Lube and Latte is "ok".  They won't mix up the oil and the coffee (yes, I'm tired of this joke). Thank you for all your support.

Happy 2022 to you all!